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Peer to Peer Learning



30th November - SLD 2017 Agenda

08.00hrs, Registration & Breakfast Networking
Collect your badge & join us for a bacon buttie
# "Networking and the science behind it" - Jonathan Bradshaw

09.00hrs, Introduction & Welcome
Please head to Hall 4 and take your seats
# Welcome to Sales Learning & Development - Alex Moyle, SLD Host & Co-chaired with Ben Turner, APS

09.15hrs, Session One - Building a Learning Culture in Sales

# "Curation & Building Learning Culture for Sales Teams" - Stephen Walsh, Former Co-Founder Kineo
# "Living and Breathing the Learning Culture" 
- Linda Willows, Brother
# Peer to Peer Group Discussion
10.30hrs, Tea/Coffee Break

11.00hrs, Session Two - Engaging Managers in Delivering Training & Coaching
# "Improving Scalability by Engaging Managers in Sales Training" - Tiffany Poeppelman, LinkedIn

# "A Strategy for Stakeholder Engagement" - Alex Moyle
# Peer to Peer Group Discussion
12.30hrs, Lunch

14.00hrs, Session Three - Partnering Sales Transformation
# "Sales Transformation: a Sales Directors Perspective" - Catherine Braybrook & Edward Fotheringham, Whitbread
# "Creating a High-Value Sales Apprenticeship" - Louise Sutton, Middlesex University & Consalia
# Peer to Peer Group Discussion
15.20hrs, Tea/Coffee & Dessert

15.45hrs, Session Four - Guest Speaker
# "The DNA of the Champion" - Sir Clive Woodward
# Q&A with Sir Clive Woodward
16.45hrs, Close